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Dr. David Reagan Warns of World Changing Bible Prophecies about to find their final fulfillment! In this powerful Prophecy Update Radio Program host Bill Salus, the best selling author of Isralestine, interviews Dr. David Reagan about the mysterious Psalm 83 Arab-Israeli War, followed by the Ezekiel 38 Russian - Iranian nuclear equipped invasion of Israel. Join Dr. Reagan the founder of Lamb and Lion Ministries, and host of the television program Christ in Prophecy, as he and Salus explore these and other timely Bible prophecies like; the Rapture of the Christian Church, the coming of the Antichrist and Armageddon, and the Final 7 year Tribulation Period. Find out what the Bible predicts may be the Next News Headline.

In part one Bill interviews his friend Dr. Reagan in what promises to bring the listeners down to their knees in prayer, and up to date on the prophetic calendar. Find out about the timing of the Rapture of the Christian Church, the rapidly approaching Psalm 83 Arab - Israeli War, the Russian - Iranian led nuclear equipped Ezekiel 38 & 39 invasion of Israel, and what David's sincere concerns are for America and its new President-Elect, Barack Obama.
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Is Operation Israeli Freedom the Obama Mettle Test?

Bill Salus
While the Gentile leaders consider their economic imprisonment and ponder the possibility that a “global society” may be the only way to post bail, the Jews find themselves helplessly stuck between the proverbial rock and the familiar Anti-Semitic hard place.

Surrounded by ancient Arab and Persian enemies that want to destroy their fledgling Jewish State, and a world spun out of financial orbit, Israel’s desperate pleadings once again fall upon deaf international ears.

What is on the prophetic horizon for this peculiar “Chosen People” that long ago proudly paraded about in the Promised Land? Have they survived a history riddled with genocidal attempts only to square off with a future filled with more of the same?

In this post September 11th era, whereby the world wonders if the new American President is the Messiah, as
Louis Farrakhan has previously suggested, or the Antichrist, as the article posted in the 11/15,2008 Newsweek edition asked, the temperament of humanity has risen to fever pitch. Even the newly appointed vice president Joe Biden chimed into the apocalyptic rhetoric on October 20th when he said “mark my words” “gird your loins” “a generated crisis” is coming “within six months” that will “test the mettle” of an Obama presidency. He subsequently suggested that among the possible mettle testing scenarios might be a serious conflict in the Middle East.

Could he be referring to a strategic pre-emptive Israeli air strike upon Iran’s nuclear facilities? The
Jerusalem Post reports on 11/18/2008, that according to the Israeli Air Force Commander, Major General Ido Nehushtan, Israel is ready, willing, and able to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities upon political command. To complicate matters Fox news reported two days later that Iran has produced enough Uranium to produce at least one Atomic bomb. This report did little to dispel the widely held concerns in Israel that by February 2009, Iran will have assembled their first nuclear weapon.

Such a powerful arrow put into the quiver of the Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s already dangerous arsenal threatens the very existence of the restored Jewish State. Ahma-“genocide”, as famous Christian author
Joel Rosenberg refers to him, believes himself to be the instrument of Allah’s choosing to bring about the apocalyptic conditions that will invoke the return of the Islamic Messiah, the “Mahdi”.

Joseph Farah of
World Net Daily suggests the easy way to pronounce this crazed leader’s name is to say, “I’m in a Jihad” rapidly. More than a quaint way of remembering a difficult name, this “I'm in a Jihad” phrase adequately depicts this Iranian president’s radical Islamic Fundamentalist mindset. He has publicly declared that he wants to “wipe Israel off of the map”, or perhaps better translated in his native Persian language, “vanish Israel from the pages of time”

Additionally Ahmadinejad’s dangerous terror inspiring friend, Hassan Nasrallah, and his Hezbollah bad boys, allegedly now have 40,000 rockets aimed at Israel. Reports filtered through the Kuwaiti Daily July 14, 2008 suggest that these rockets may be chemically equipped with mustard gas supplies that were exported out of North Korea.

To intensify matters, Iran’s anti-Israel partner Syria, has recently deployed their 10th and 14th military divisions along the Lebanese borders, and on November 22nd the DEBKAfile reported that these divisions along with the Hezbollah, and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard were engaged in a concerted series of serious war drill interchanges and communications.

Further fueling the fire, Hamas promptly heralded Obama’s election as a “
historic victory” implying that their terrorist cause has achieved a powerful American presidential sympathizer. Aaron Klein of World Net Daily’s Jerusalem Division, has recently reported a possible Barack Obama connection with this radical Gaza Strip based organization.

Is some nation or terrorist entity about to put another in checkmate in the age old, seemingly never ending struggle, of the Middle East chess match? Has Joe Biden unknowingly predicted a mettle-testing event of Biblical proportion to come against the administration of his newly elected boss? After all his words “gird your loins” were uttered 2000 years ago by the apostle Peter in 1 Peter 1:13, and Ahmadinejad's desire to destroy Israel brings to recollection the 3000-year-old ominous prophecy, whereby the author of Psalm 83:4 says They have said, “Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation, That the name of Israel may be remembered no more.” (NKJV)

Asaph, the author of this ancient prophecy, goes on in the following Psalm 83 verses 6-8 to identify the “they” of this prophecy as listed in the order below. In my book
Isralestine, The Ancient Blueprints of the Future Middle East, I explain who the ten populations are today, which are listed below alongside their ancient equivalents.

Read the remainder of this article and discover who these populations are today in this exclusive at WorldNetDaily NOW!





Is God about to Judge America, the beautiful but no longer the bountiful? Prophecy expert Dr. David Reagan of Lamb and Lion Ministries pours his prophetic heart out in this 2 part radio series, which is hosted by best-selling author of the recently released book Isralestine, The Ancient Blueprints of the Future Middle East, Bill Salus.

In part one Bill interviews his friend Dr. Reagan in what promises to bring the listeners down to their knees in prayer, and up to date on the prophetic calendar. Find out about the timing of the Rapture of the Christian Church, the rapidly approaching Psalm 83 Arab - Israeli War, the Russian - Iranian led nuclear equipped Ezekiel 38 & 39 invasion of Israel, and what David's sincere concerns are for America and its new President-Elect, Barack Obama.

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Hamas; Has Judah Come For His Inheritance

By Bill Salus
On January 25, 2006 the former terrorist organization turned political party known as the Hamas, won a majority victory over the Fatah party in the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC). Soon thereafter Hamastan became the neologism for the emerging mini-state of the Hamas governed territory of Gaza.

Hamastan, Hamastine, Hamas ruled Gaza, Ancient Philistia, call it what you like, according to the Bible this land belongs to, and will someday be possessed by, the Jews. Current war events involving the Israeli Defense Forces (I.D.F.) and the Hamas, have caused the international spotlight to once again shine upon the volatile Mideast Theater. Will Hamas be able to survive this advance of the far superior I.D.F., or have they come to their final hour?

According to Joshua 15:1-12 today’s affected battlefield belongs to the ancient tribe of Judah. Judah was one of the twelve sons of Jacob, whom we are informed in Genesis 32:28 was renamed Israel. Furthermore the word “Jew” is derived from the name “Judah”. Hence according to scripture Hamastan of today sits on land bequeathed to the modern day Jewish State of Israel.

Threatening the longevity of the Hamas ruled government further are Bible passages foretelling the forceful taking of this prime Promised – Land by the Jews. Scripture is not lacking in prophetic information regarding the final fate of the Hamas led Palestinians, nor the manner that they someday forfeit all land ownership claims in both the Gaza, and West Bank territories.

Using the vernaculars of their time, the Hebrew prophets Ezekiel, Zephaniah, Asaph among others, warned of the coming day whereby the world would witness the events that are likely unfolding in the Middle East presently! They used terms like Philistia, Philistines, Edom, and Edomites, which today best describe the Palestinians, and the places they primarily inhabit.

In Psalm 83:1-8 Asaph informs us that Philistia, which today represents in large part the Gaza territory, becomes involved with the Palestinians, Hezbollah, Syrians, and several other predominately Arab populations in a confederate effort to destroy the nation of Israel. Although many Bible commentaries suggest that prophecies have concluded regarding Philistia, and / or the Philistine inhabitants therein, these presumptions are likely refuted by Psalm 83, which clearly enlists Philistia, and does not appear historically to have found its final fulfillment.

If this prophecy is yet to occur, is it about to? Furthermore will the other confederate members listed in the Psalm enjoin the current Hamas struggle for Palestinian autonomy?

Syria for instance, a dominant participant in the Psalm 83 prophecy, immediately suspended recent indirect peace talks with Israel stating on December 28, 2008 according to Ynetnews.com, “Israel’s Aggression (in the Gaza) closes all the doors to any move toward a settlement in the region”. On December 30, 2008 the Khaleej Times Online states that the Hezbollah has called for “protests in Lebanon”, and “Arab governments to act against Israel”, and Fox News on December 28, 2008 writes that the Hezbollah “promised not to abandon the Hamas”.

In the likely event that things escalate between the Hamas and the I.D.F., the possibility looms very large that those other notorious contemporary enemies of Israel will enjoin the Palestinian plight militarily.

Meanwhile Israel has one eye on its nearby borders and the other on its distant nemesis neighbor Iran, which has likewise recently echoed the Psalm 83 sentiment, that the Jewish State should be destroyed, “that the name Israel may be remembered no more”. (Ps. 83:4) Curiously Persia, known as Iran since 1935, is not listed in Psalm 83. However it is a well-known fact that they militarily and financially support the Hezbollah and to a lesser degree, the Hamas.

According to Joel Rosenberg, the author of the best selling book Epicenter, over 6300 rockets have been launched from Gaza into Israel since 2005, with 400 of those coming since December 19, 2008. He further states that Israelis in the affected areas have been told to hunker down in a survival mode near bomb shelters until at least the end of March. How long of a military campaign and how vast of a battlefield is Israel preparing its citizenry for?

The I.D.F. declares that they have prepared a strategy that promises to be void of the mistakes made in their summer of 2006 war with the Hezbollah. This implies that they have thoroughly examined both the near and far reaching geopolitical and military ramifications, and will not be deterred from achieving their final intended outcome, which is to crush Hamas and prevent it from ever again becoming a future threat.

The timing, motive, participants, results and world changing aftermath details of the Psalm 83 Arab – Israeli war are thoroughly explored in my recently released book,
Isralestine, The Ancient Blueprints of the Future Middle East.

How does the Hamas storyline end? Ezekiel 25:12-17 declares that the Palestinians of the West Bank, and the Gaza territories will experience the vengeance of God, through the military might of the I.D.F. According to the prophet, the Palestinians have dealt vengefully with a spiteful heart due to the ancient Arab hatred against the Israeli’s. As such in a related prophecy, Obadiah 1:15 issues this scathing reprisal to them: “As you (Palestinians) have done, it shall be done to you”.

This devastating response strictly adheres to the curse for curse in kind clause contained in the divine foreign policy issued to the Jewish Patriarch Abraham in Genesis 12:3. This passage declares that blessings are promised to those who bless Abraham, and / or his Jewish descendants, or to the contrary, cursings befall upon those who seek to harm them.

In the aftermath of the Israeli Conquest over the Palestinians, we are told in Zephaniah 2:5-7, that Israel takes final possession of Hamastan. This seacoast territory becomes rezoned for agricultural purposes. Zephaniah declares “The seacoast shall be pastures, With shelters for shepherds and folds for flocks.
The coast shall be for the remnant of the house of Judah; They shall feed their flocks there; In the houses of Ashkelon they shall lie down at evening.” (Zeph. 2:6-7, NKJV; abbreviated)

In summary the question that the Palestinians in general, and the Hamas specifically, must ask today is; has Judah come to claim his inheritance? If so, then let the wise among them move to higher and safer ground if they still can.



Psalm 83 + Ezekiel 38 = GREATER ISRAEL

The Eschatology Equation
By Bill Salus

This article presents a basic mathematical model of the Middle East, considered in light of two coming significant end times events, and in the process hypothesizes the likely economic and geopolitical setting that occurs as a result. For those of you unfamiliar with the term Eschatology, which is listed in the title of this article, it comes from the pairing of two Greek words Eschatos, referring to “last” and -ology meaning “the study of”. Thus theologically the term refers to the study of the last days.

On the near horizon is the dawn of the next new era. The tiny Middle East nation of Israel that presently struggles to maintain sovereignty over a meager 9000 square miles is about to victoriously face off with two world changing prophetic events. In the aftermath of these enormous episodes described in Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38, Israel will undoubtedly be catapulted into Superpower Status!
Destined to someday possess the Promised Land from the Nile to the Euphrates Rivers according to Genesis 15:18, Israel has been cooped up like a canary in a cage for 60 years too long. While Israel’s Arab enemies seek to blow up the birdcage, the Bible has seemingly flipped open to its final pages. These two looming events are soon to find their final fulfillment and in the end, an entirely new atlas of the region will need to be redrawn. Subsequently, in accordance with scriptural specifications, Israel’s borders should be enlarged to about ten times their present size.

The chess match presently unfolding in the greater Fertile Crescent today perfectly positions the Jewish State to put its enemies in checkmate, thereby advancing itself into this foretold period of prosperity.

Conversely, in America’s zeal to create calm in the Middle East, its superpower stature seems to steadily spiral downward. Some suggest that poor U.S. Mideast foreign policy may partially be the culprit. According to prophecy Israel will not be limited much longer to its present size, as the present two-state solution Roadmap Plan endorses; rather the Jewish State is poised to soon become listed among the largest and wealthiest nations of the world.
Current international proposals that encourage the cessation of, or evacuation from, Jewish settlements will, according to scripture eventuate into failed foreign policy, and potentially result in adverse consequences to its misguided proponents. America should promptly change its course of foreign policy direction and give Israel the necessary support and elbowroom it needs to burst out of its territorial seams and emerge as the world’s next Super-State. Such a greater Israel will ultimately be a blessing to the United States.

First on the calendar comes Psalm 83, which informs us that the Palestinians, Syrians, Saudis, Jordanians, Egyptians, Lebanese and affiliated terrorist entities like the Hamas, Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda, will confederate together to destroy Modern Day Israel. As specified in my recently released book Isralestine, The Ancient Blueprints of the Future Middle East, in fulfillment of Ezekiel 37:10 the Israeli Defense Forces will soundly defeat this advance and achieve the title of being an “exceedingly great army”.

In a post Psalm 83 world, Israel should be freed from further Arab terror torment, bring down its 403 mile long wall currently under construction, and dwell securely, resembling the “latter years” nation described in Ezekiel 38:8-13. World Jews will make massive Aliyah into Israel and the nation will expand its borders, and likely exploit at least the affected Saudi portion of the OPEC oil supply, as well as many other related resources of their defeated Arab foes.

Then in the subsequent second event, Russia and Iran will look upon Israel as if it was a ripe carrot dangling upon a reachable string, and they will covet a piece of the plunder. All that will stand between them and their desired world empire stature will be the rapidly rising Middle East star, the nation of Israel. The Russians and Iranians will lick their chops, and assemble their nuclear equipped nine member coalition, and in what is commonly referred to as the “Magog Invasion”, invade this future regionally superior Jewish State.

The accolades of the exceedingly great I.D.F. will promptly become yester-years news, as they will not match up, with what then commences to march against them. As the Ezekiel story goes, their God will divinely save the day. The Russian – Iranian led nuclear equipped consortia will drop dead in their Middle East tracks, and world headlines will read like Old Testament fire and brimstone passages.

According to Ezekiel 39:9-14; at the end of the bloody rainbow, will sit Israel’s pot of gold. Seven years of nuclear fuel, more land for the taking, and prominent International stature. Their ancient King Solomon in all of his splendor, riches, and glory will but pale in comparison.
So, hypothetically speaking, the tiny nation of Israel that today can’t even call Jerusalem its capitol is about to be the centerpiece of current world events. Humanity is called to caution and set its sights on the ancient story about to unfold. Israel of today is likely to be acknowledged as the world’s Super-State of tomorrow. View Bill's other articles


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