Israel's Economy Grows Amidst Middle East Woes!

On this week’s program, FTM (Follow the Money) Weekly host Jerry Robinson gives his weekly wrap of the top global news, his weekly market report, and explains why gold and silver will only go up in price from here.

In our special guest interview, Jerry sits down with conference speaker and author, Bill Salus. In this interview, Bill talks about the growing Israeli economy, including recent natural gas finds and its fast growing property market. In addition, he explains what he believes lies ahead in the Middle East based upon his understanding of the Bible. He concludes with a brief overview of his book, Isralestine: The Ancient Blueprints of the Future Middle East. (Bill's segment begins 18 minutes into the broadcast) Listen Now
Israel's Housing Boom!


Iranistan; The Coming Shiite Crescent

by Bill Salus

Prophecy Update Radio

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Presently, peace talks have hit a stalemate opening a window of opportunity for Iran to make its move on the Middle East. It is commonly understood in the region that the present Iranian regime seeks the formation of a Shiite Crescent starting with Lebanon and Syria that subsequently moves deeper into the Sunni Arab states of Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Iran has been building inseparable relations with Hezbollah and Syria and developing a nuclear program that should facilitate the Crescent’s formation in the foreseeable future.
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