Prophecy Update Radio "A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days"

This week on Prophecy Update Bill Salus interviews his friend Jonathan Bernis of Jewish Voice Ministries about his new book "A Rabbi Looks At the Last Days".
Jonathan Bernis is a Jesus believing Jewish Rabbi and the host of Jewish Voice television, which is viewed daily worldwide. Jonathan puts his heart upon his sleeve in this radio interview and reminds Christians of the importance of supporting their Jewish brothers and sisters in these turbulent end times. LISTEN NOW to Jonathan Bernis on Prophecy Update Radio


Obama’s New “Trial by Error” Mideast Foreign Policy

By Bill Salus

The nation of Israel celebrated its sixty-first birthday by sending their new Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, on May 18, 2009 to Washington. Conspicuously absent upon his arrival were the welcoming parades, "Star of David" banners, and blue and white birthday balloons, evidencing that this was no festive occasion.

With his marching orders in hand he came on a mission to deliver his people’s urgent message to the international community through its most powerful modern day king, president Barrack Obama. Positioning himself upon the world’s highest platform, he gave the world official notice that ISRAEL WILL SURVIVE!

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Do WORLD WOES Signal the Beginning of THE END?

Article featured on WorldNetDaily

Posted: May 08, 20091:00 am Eastern

By Bill Salus © 2009

Lately it seems that there is an inescapable apocalyptic tenor resounding throughout the world. Humanity, still sickened from the world financial crisis, has recently been thrust into a stage-5 condition of pandemic pandemonium! Mexicans are afraid to breath on one another, Egyptians are slaughtering thousands of pigs, and many Americans are quarantining their children from public schools – and that's just one unhealthy dose of daily news!

World-changing events are emerging at an alarming pace, causing Christian eschatologists to write last days articles faster than Scott rolls out toilet tissue and world governments print funny money to fill the bottomless financial pit. Unknowingly paralleling their concerns, even President Obama recently declared that after 100 days in office "the number of critical issues that appear to be coming to a head all at the same time" surprises him. Newscaster Glenn Beck of Fox News echoes similar sentiment by suggesting there appears to be a "perfect storm" coming, alluding to the advance of powerful world-changing events building one upon another in rapid succession. Read Entire Article at WorldNetDaily (Click Here Now)


Has Time Run Out For Mideast Peace?

By Bill Salus

Astoundingly 61 years have come and gone and the international community is still attempting to figure out a political way to achieve peace in the Middle East. Ever since the rebirth of the nation Israel in May of 1948, world leaders have struggled unsuccessfully to reconcile the irreconcilable differences between the Arabs and the Jews.

Former Clinton special Mideast envoy Dennis Ross has written an 848 page book called “The Missing Peace” on the subject and upon reading it, although it is not the intention of the book, one arrives at the obvious conclusion that there is absolutely no political way to broker a lasting peace between the Arabs and the Jews. Ross’s book evidences that the ongoing conflict has reduced world leaders to the intermediary role of Real Estate Brokers and predictably both the Palestinians, supported by their partnering Arab neighbors, and the Jews want possession of the precious Promised Land.

Unfortunately it appears that the only way this matter will find ultimate resolve will be via the military option. The Arabs and the Jews are likely going to have to “duke it out”! The military venue should come as no surprise to those eschatologists familiar with the Bible prophecies recorded in Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38 & 39. Both of these prophecies clearly foretell the coming of two last days’ wars between Israel and their Arab and Persian nemesis’s.
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