Who are Daniel’s end time’s Kings of the North and South?

by Bill Salus

Daniel 11:40 foretells the coming of two kings that war against the Antichrist near the end of time. These kings are identified as the “king of the south” and the “king of the north”. Daniel chapter eleven references a “king of the south” eight times and a “king of the north” seven times. Most expositors believe that seven of the eight king of the south references, and six of the seven king of the north, have already found fulfillment in connection with Egypt (south) and Syria (north). Thus the common teaching is that the king of the south is an Egyptian, and the king of the north a Syrian.
Another school of thought regarding the Daniel 11:40 king of the north connects with the Ezekiel 38 Gog of Magog invasion. Some believe because this invasion is led by Russia in the latter years (Ez. 38:8) from the uttermost parts of the north as per (Ez. 38:15), that this king is a Russian rather than a Syrian. What is the true origin and identity of these two end time's kings?