Mideast Prophecy Update 2010 - 2011

PART ONE - Looking Through the Rear View Mirror At 2010

As the door shuts on 2010, American led Middle East peace efforts have officially unraveled. The Obama administration has backed away for now from pressuring Israel into extending its moratorium on settlement building in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. In the absence of peace we are reminded Israel, which equipped its citizens earlier this year with gas masks, remains war ready as 2011 approaches. (Read Part One)

PART TWOWhat Should We Watch For In 2011

Israel is prepared to strategically strike Iran’s nuclear sites. This past September I spoke with retired Israeli Defense Forces General Shimon Erem who confirmed Saudi Arabia opened up a thin strip of air for Israel to attack Iran. It’s interesting that no Jewish Synagogue can be constructed in Saudi Arabia, but Israeli war planes are now allowed to fly overhead as long as they are on route to attack Iran. (Read Part Two)


The Alien Gospel of Signs and Lying Wonders


This week on Prophecy Update Radio host Bill Salus interviews bible prophecy expert L.A. Marzulli. Marzulli challenges the church to WAKE UP to the burgeoning UFO phenomena in bible prophecy. Alien implants are being inserted into abductees. New Age psychics are channeling deceptive messages about the extra-terrestrial origins of man (panspermia). Humanity is primed for strong delusion manifested in the realization that mankind is not alone in this universe.

Marzulli suggests an alien gospel could be "THE LIE" described in 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12

The coming of the lawless one [antichrist] is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth [gospel of Jesus Christ], that they might be saved. And for this reason God will send them strong delusion [alien gospel], that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

What did the bible have to say about the supernatural origins of the Antichrist and what great deception(s) facilitates his rapid rise to world power? These and many more topics are discussed in this impacting interview. There is plenty of food for thought in this two part interview and it is saturated with Marz-salus sauce throughout.

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By Bill Salus

Since Israel became a nation in 1948 it has been at war with most of the Arab States and Arab terrorist populations surrounding it. This has caused many end time’s experts to put the plight of the Palestinians and their Arab state sponsors somewhere upon the pages of the Antichrist’s false covenant. However, this inclination seems primarily driven by geo-political events rather than biblical discernment.

Arab fingerprints upon this covenant are nowhere to be found in scripture. Click here to find out more about the Antichrist's false covenant with Israel.


Israel's Economy Grows Amidst Middle East Woes!

On this week’s program, FTM (Follow the Money) Weekly host Jerry Robinson gives his weekly wrap of the top global news, his weekly market report, and explains why gold and silver will only go up in price from here.

In our special guest interview, Jerry sits down with conference speaker and author, Bill Salus. In this interview, Bill talks about the growing Israeli economy, including recent natural gas finds and its fast growing property market. In addition, he explains what he believes lies ahead in the Middle East based upon his understanding of the Bible. He concludes with a brief overview of his book, Isralestine: The Ancient Blueprints of the Future Middle East. (Bill's segment begins 18 minutes into the broadcast) Listen Now
Israel's Housing Boom!


Iranistan; The Coming Shiite Crescent

by Bill Salus

Prophecy Update Radio

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Presently, peace talks have hit a stalemate opening a window of opportunity for Iran to make its move on the Middle East. It is commonly understood in the region that the present Iranian regime seeks the formation of a Shiite Crescent starting with Lebanon and Syria that subsequently moves deeper into the Sunni Arab states of Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Iran has been building inseparable relations with Hezbollah and Syria and developing a nuclear program that should facilitate the Crescent’s formation in the foreseeable future.
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Jeremiah to today's Israel: No 2-State Solution!

By Bill Salus

"For even your brothers, the house of your father, Even they have dealt treacherously with you; Yes, they have called a multitude after you. Do not believe them, Even though they speak smooth words to you." (Jeremiah 12:6; NKJV)

In the above passage Jeremiah appears to issue a stern warning to the modern-day state of Israel not to believe the smooth words of the descendants of their ancestral brothers. The subjects of the prophecy for the most part are the Jews, Saudis and Palestinians. The "brothers" of the Jews from the "house of" their Hebrew fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were Ishmael and Esau. (Click here to read entire article now)


Did Isaiah 19 Predict the Muslim Brotherhood?

Click image to watch video on Muslim Brotherhood
“I will set Egyptians against Egyptians; Everyone will fight against his brother, And everyone against his neighbor, City against city, kingdom against kingdom (Isaiah 19:2)

Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak recently turned 82 and reportedly has cancer. The Muslim Brotherhood is alive and well planning for the opportunity to seize control of Egypt upon his passing. Isaiah 19:4,16-18 talks about a transition in leadership that divides Egypt on the subject of Israel. Egypt is in Psalm 83 under the banner of the Hagarenes.

Could President Mubarak's passing mean the end of peace between Egypt and Israel? Click here to learn about the worldwide reach of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Jesus may have been quoting from Isaiah 19:2 when he said, "For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of sorrows." (Matthew 24:7-8)

Click here for related article "The Muslim Brotherhood: Islam's Global Challenge to the West"

Mideast Peace Prospects - Bill's recent radio show

What are the chances present Mideast peace talks will be successful? On this edition of Prophecy Update Radio, Bill discusses the present efforts of the Obama administration to bring about a peace agreement between the Israelis and Palestinians. Bill discusses the main obstacles to Mideast peace and how the Bible addresses them all.

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Howse, Markell, Hunt, Ice, Reagan, McTernan, Salus, and Rosenberg, Are Not the Enemy or the Problem with America

by Brannon S. Howse

Why would DeMar want to spend his time attacking people that do not agree with him that the rapture has already occurred or that do not see dominion theology in the Scriptures? Mr. DeMar is straining at gnats and swallowing camels. Brannon Howse, Jan Markell, John McTernan, Bill Salhus, Dave Hunt, Tom Ice, David Reagan, Joel Rosenberg, and the other individuals DeMar trashes are neither the enemy nor the problem with America or the American church.

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Is the Antichrist a Jew, Gentile, or Supernatural?

By Bill Salus

When determining the true content of the false covenant of Daniel 9:27 it proves helpful to determine the origin of the Antichrist. Will he be a Jew, Gentile, or a Supernatural being like an Alien or Nephilim as some have recently proposed?

(Read entire article now)


Greater Israel - God's One State Solution

Many Christians teach that Jesus Christ soon returns to earth in a Second Coming. They believe that upon his return he establishes a 1000 year messianic kingdom in a restored Garden of Eden type world. Furthermore, they predict Israel at that time will increase to about 10 times its present size in fulfillment of the Genesis 15:18 prophecy.

This Genesis promise grants to Abraham, the patriarchal father of the Jewish people, the enormous landmass existing today between the Nile River in Egypt and the Euphrates River in Iraq and Syria. Since 90% of this land is presently possessed by the Arabs many Christians fail to consider the possibility that Israel may annex some of this territory even prior to the return of Christ.

Similarly, these days humanity generally views Mideast events through this limited lens of a lesser Israel. The world's geopolitical focus is fixated upon this struggling-to-survive tiny Jewish State. The international community continues to beseech Israel to trade land for peace with the Palestinians. As such, they call for the implementation of a 2-State solution. Such a solution intends to keep Israel boxed into its present lesser Israel size and status.

However, this week on Prophecy Update Radio host Bill Salus reminds us that God has plans for a Greater Israel and a 1-State Solution. In this two part radio series Salus suggests, that according to the prophecies related to Psalm 83, Israel will begin its territorial expansion even before the second advent of Jesus Christ.

Listen now to Part one of this two part series. (recorded 9/2009)


Smoking the Mideast Peace Pipe in Washington

By Bill Salus

As Hurricane Earl barrels down on the East Coast reminding Americans God’s foreign policy of Genesis 12:3 is still effectually intact, smoke signals are hovering over 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Several Mideast leaders have converged upon Washington to discuss the prospects of "Direct Talks" for peace. President Obama, who pollsters suggest may be losing Democratic control of the House and possibly the Senate come November, 2010, wants a signed peace – pact between Israel and the Palestinians. (Click here to read article)


Bill's Prophetic Radar Screen

Listen to Bill's interview on Bill Martinez Live to understand why the Middle East is about to explode in a war of epic biblical proportion.

Entire interview can be heard by downloading June 26th broadcast at Bill Martinez Live archives. Click here now.

Below is a potential scenario on my prophetic radar screen. I first taught on this possible chain of events at a prophecy conference in February 2010.
This scenario is presented as a sequence of possible events and should not be esteemed as a specific set of predictions.


Understanding current Mideast events through the lens of Bible Prophecy. To Every Man An Answer radio with Mike Kestler and Jim Tetlow interview Bill Salus on what the Bible has to say about current Mideast events. Listen Now


Tensions in Lebanon Hinder Mideast Peace!

By Bill Salus
Departing with a sense of accomplishment, Saudi King Abdullah left Cairo and headed for a historic Beirut conference with Syrian President Bashar Assad and Lebanese President Michel Suleiman. King Abdullah had not visited Beirut since March of 2002 at which time he had pitched his peace plan to the Counsel of Arab States. This extremely pro-Arab peace plan was accepted by the Arabs at the time. However this trip, somewhere in the 363 mile shuttle between Cairo and Beirut, Abdullah’s previously endorsed peace plan lost its importance and sense of urgency as the Saudi King was forced to abruptly shift his focus toward mounting tensions in Lebanon. (Read Entire Article)

By Bill Salus

As Iran’s nuclear development program nears completion, the rogue state draws dangerously close to possessing sufficient military power to control the OPEC Oil Cartel and the Islamic Crescent. Iran’s apparent quest to obtain overwhelming power in the Mideast region justifiably concerns Saudi King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz, who has recently ratcheted up his support for the destruction of Iran’s nuclear sites and implementation of his Saudi Mideast Peace Initiative of 2002. King Abdullah’s latest geo-political actions tell a timeline tale of sincere concerns the Middle East is about to go apocalyptic. (Read Entire Article Now)


Could Mideast War Adversely Affect Americans?

By Bill Salus & Dr. Lawrence Prabhaker

Military experts are seldom asking anymore if Israel will pre-empt a strategic strike upon Iran’s nuclear site(s). Mostly, they now ponder the possibility that a strike is imminent and potentially disastrous for world economies still struggling from the global financial crisis. Such a strike runs the real risk of opening a Pandora’s Box in the Middle East and one of the casualties could be the flow of oil presently coursing steadily through the Strait of Hormuz. (See Also - Iran Says West Military Action Will Cut Gulf Oil Trade,)

Iran’s apocalyptic minded president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has publicly threatened the closing of Hormuz in retaliation for an Israeli or American strike upon his country. Additionally, two significant correlating events made the news in May, 2010. First, the Islamic Republic of Iran warned that it would launch terrorist attacks and suicide strikes inside of America in the event of a strike upon Iranian soil. Second, the Iranian Navy conducted a massive war exercise in the Strait of Hormuz, and Persian Gulf called “Judgment Day.” This drill reportedly demonstrated Iran’s sole and sovereign ability to control those strategic bodies of water.

Regarding the possibility of Iran playing the “OIL CARD” against America, on September 15, 2009 The Wall Street Journal published a Bret Stephens article entitled “Obama is pushing Israel toward war.” In the article Stephens suggested that a Middle East War could push the price of oil up to $300 per barrel. Lately, on average that precious black gold has been closing between $70 to $80 per barrel. Stephen’s estimate suggests an oil dependent world could be about to experience a spike at the pump of about four times the present amount. Iran still ranks number two behind Saudi Arabia in the OPEC oil cartel, which is responsible for two-thirds of the world's oil supply.

Are Americans, Chinese, and Europeans ready for such a steep increase? Such a dramatic and possibly overnight rise in the price of oil would certainly spill over into the economic essentials of their respective societies. Presently, America is the number one consumer of Oil and China (read more on China/Iran) ranks number two. Americans could expect to feel pain in the waiting lines at the pump and in their pocket books, as increased transportation costs would certainly be reflected in the price of goods sold over the retail counters across the country.

Is America about to have two major sources of oil capped off, BP in the Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz in the Middle East? I’ve asked an expert on the subject to abbreviate an article he recently wrote called “Peril Awaits at the Strait of Hormuz” for a posting here at www. prophecydepot.com Click here now to read the article by Dr. Lawrence Prabhakar.


When Diplomacy Ends Holy War Begins!

By Bill Salus

On April 19, 2010 Israel celebrated 62 years of independence. On that same day American president Barrack Obama announced the United States may leverage its veto power in the United Nations against Israel in the future. His threatening statement, which represents a major departure from previous U.S. foreign policy, was designed to coerce Israel into Obama’s vision for Middle East peace. (read entire article now)

GENESIS 12:3 IS EFFECTUALLY IN TACT. (Video provided by Bob Mitchell / Revelation TV in the U.K.)


Mighty Muscles Flex in the Mideast

By Bill Salhus

Matthew 24:6 says there will be rumors of war in the end times and current Mideast matters are definitely supporting this prediction. If you put your ear to the ground and eye to the press you can hear the battle cry shouts and observe the deployment of soldiers, heavy military equipment, and deadly arsenals in the Holy Land. Christ, apparently quoting Isaiah 19:2, further prophesied the coming of end time's regional conflicts; "kingdom against kingdom". (Matt. 24:7)

Mideast muscles flex, sabers rattle, and news reports roll off mainstream presses almost daily suggesting Christ was right and Jordan’s King Abdullah’s April 17, 2010 warning of a summertime Mideast war may not be farfetched. Echoing Abdullah’s wartime sentiment, Syrian President Bashar Assad recently declared the following in a BBC interview on 6/17/10:
(Click here to read Assad's comments and this aritcle including BBC video of Assad interview.) The article conclues with Bill's thoughts on the end time prophecies regarding Iran in Jeremiah 49:34-35 and Ezekiel 38 & 39.


Understanding the Roots of the Mideast Conflict

In a two part series Prophecy Update Radio explores the family feuds that took place about 40 centuries ago between the patriarchs and matriarchs of the Middle East. The disposition of Arab hatred of the Jew today finds its roots in these ancient sibling rivalries. Hagar, Ishmael, Esau, Moab, Ammon, and Amalek coveted the rich content of the Abrahamic Covenant and today their descendents want to erase the Abrahamic Covenant in favor of the Arabic Covenant.

Does prophecy predict Israel will strike Iran's nuclear sites?

Part 2 Just Posted Listen Now.

Additionally in part one, the double jeopardy prophecies of Iran are discussed in relationship to the potential for an Israeli preemptive strategic strike upon Iranian nuclear sites. Iran is identified in Ezekiel 38, but not in Psalm 83. Host, Bill Salus, introduces another seldom taught prophecy in Jeremiah 49:34-39 regarding Elam that may hold the secret to Iran’s conspicuous absence in Psalm 83.

Click Here now to listen to part one


Understanding the Geopolitics of Zionism vs. Palestinianism

By Bill Salus

Presently there are two conflicting ideologies competing for sovereignty over the Holy Land. They are Zionism and Palestinianism. Recognizing their powerful affects upon the geo-politics of the Promised Land is prerequisite for achieving a comprehensive understanding of what’s driving today’s Israeli - Palestinian conflict.

On the surface this conflict appears as a resolvable territorial dispute of strategic soil inside the Fertile Crescent, but at the core it involves the complexities of the angelic conflict, Arab hatred of the Jew, and ultimately, the epic battle between good and evil. God’s covenant making character is held in contest by Satan and it’s acting out in its final stages through this Mideast conflict.

Click here now to read entire article


The Kings are in Place for the Psalm 83 & Ezekiel 38 Wars!

All the world leaders are in place for the Israeli War prophecies to find final fulfillment.

This week on Prophecy Update Radio host, Bill Salus, has end time’s expert author researcher, LA Marzulli, back on his program. In part one Bill and LA go over the checklist of the required geo-political circumstances surrounding the coming wars of Psalm 83 & Ezekiel 38 - 39.

In addition, Salus and Marzulli analyze the political dispositions of the Kings, Prime Ministers, and Presidents, like Netanyahu of Israel, Ahmadinejad of Iran, Barack Obama, Suleiman and Nasrallah of Lebanon, Assad of Syria, Putin and Medvedev of Russia, Abdullah of Jordan, and others to see if the timing is right for the predicted epic Mideast wars to occur soon and sequentially.

In their unique interview stylings this dynamic duo spreads a healthy heaping of Marz-Salus sauce over today’s hot prophetic topics for the listeners to digest.

Click here now to listen to part one

Click here now to listen to part two - featuring the "ALIEN GOSPEL"


Why Arabs Hate Jews!

by Bill Salus

Present Middle East hostilities between the Arabs and Jews can be traced to a disposition of hatred originating almost four thousand years ago. At that time God made an unconditional covenant with the Hebrew patriarch Abraham. Due to the inherent blessings contained within this covenant, the infamous family characters of the Bible; Hagar, Ishmael, Esau, Moab, Ammon, and Amalek, coveted the contents of this covenant. These jealous individuals and their descendants that followed came to hate the Hebrews, the heirs of this blessed covenant.

Throughout time the neighboring Gentile peoples of the region found it advantageous to embrace rather than resist this adversarial disposition. Ultimately it evolved into a cleverly conceived religious package giving it license to unleash itself in a holy war. The “Jihad”, as it is often labeled, presently underway in the Middle East, finds its justification in Islam, but its roots are in this longstanding hatred.
Click here to read entire article.


The Twin Prophecies of Jacob and Esau

By Bill Salus

This article introduces two important Prophecies regarding the twin brothers of the Bible, Jacob and Esau. Jacob was renamed Israel in Genesis 32:28 and he fathered Israeli descendants. Esau, Jacobs older twin brother, fathered the Edomites according to Genesis 36:1,9. Invaluable insights into the roots of the present Palestinian - Israeli conflict can be gleaned from understanding these twin prophecies.

Presently the international community desperately seeks to join the Israelis and Palestinians at the hip in a peaceful “Two State Solution”: a Jewish State, and a Palestinian State. Did you know that there once was a time when the ancestors of these two people groups, the Israelis and the Edomites, successfully operated in a “Two State Solution” of sorts?

Click here to read article now...


Psalm Buried in Bog Soil Predicts Promised Land Warzone!



In part two, the discussion centers upon dangerous Mideast headlines threatening to turn the Middle East into a Warzone in the near future.

What is Bible prophecy and what does it predict next? Bill Salus warns an ancient Psalm buried for centuries under Irish bog soil predicts the Promised Land will soon turn into a HOLY WARZONE!

Bill is interviewed on Southern California’s largest Christian radio station, KBRT 740 AM, about the importance of Bible Prophecy in these last days. In part one Bill discusses the potential prophetic relevance of the mysterious discovery of Psalm 83 buried in Ireland. The Psalm predicts the coming of a holy war between the Arabs and the Jews. Additionally, Bill locates terrorism and the Israeli Defense Forces in Bible prophecy.

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Click the link below to read Bill’s related Psalm 83 article alluded to in part one of the show.
The Psalm 83 Revealing; Coincidence or Providence


Blockade the Waterways; Gog of Magog's "EVIL PLAN"

By Bill Salus

Ezekiel warns Russia someday gathers a coalition of nations against Israel to take great spoil. The prophet declares Russia campaigns on an "EVIL PLAN"! This plan motivates Iran, Turkey, Libya and several other countries to enlist in what is commonly called the "Gog of Magog alliance."

What evil strategy does Russia propose that entices numerous sovereign nations to invade the Jewish State? Interestingly, Russia's confederacy borders the major bodies of water surrounding Israel today. Is this coincidental or strategic?

Read entire article now...

Related article: Russia signs nuclear deal with Turkey


Sequencing Psalm 83, Ezekiel 38 & Revived Roman Empire

In part two of this timely radio show, Dr. David Reagan and Bill Salus discuss the prophetic details of Psalm 83 & Ezekiel 38 in correlation with the European Union.

The EUROPEAN UNION (E.U.) appears to be on the verge of overtaking the United States in world superpower status! End time’s expert on international politics and prophecy, Dr. David Reagan, declares the E.U. exists today in fulfillment of Bible Prophecies contained in the books of Daniel and Revelation. Furthermore, He says the Antichrist will come out of the E.U. according to Daniel 9:26.

Dr. Reagan believes the E.U. fulfills the ancient prophecies regarded with the Revived Roman Empire. In a two part radio interview with Prophecy Update Radio host, Bill Salus, Dr. Reagan explores the prophecies and politics regarded with the E.U.

Additionally, Bill Salus and Dr. Reagan show how the recent paradigm shift in Antichrist thinking has caused many eschatologists to take their eyes off of the Revived Roman Empire prophecies. Dr. Reagan dispels the Assyrian Muslim Antichrist hypothesis and reminds the listeners that the Antichrist will come out of the European Union and not the Middle East!

In part two, Dr. Reagan temporarily changes hats with Bill and becomes the host of the program. He then asks Bill how soon Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38 could find final fulfillment. This is a very thought provoking radio show exploring some of the most important prophetic information of these end time’s.
(Picture above of Dr. David Reagan & Bill Salus)

Listen Now to Part One.

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The Two End Time's Judgments Upon Edom

By Bill Salus

The Bible predicts two powerful prophetic judgments upon Edom; the first judgment is executed by the Israeli Defense Forces upon the Palestinian descendants of the Edomites. Judgment two takes place in ancient Edom and is delivered single-handedly by Jesus Christ against Antichrist and his Armageddon armies.

Part one of this two part article identifies both judgments but primarily focus upon the first. Part two will expound upon the timing and purposes of the second judgment.

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Psalm 83; The Alternative View of the Magog Invasion

Chuck Missler recently published an article in his April 2010 Koinonia House Newsletter. In the article he quotes frequently from my book Isralestine, The Ancient Blueprints of the Future Middle East.

The Missler article:
For many years we have been following the conventional view of Ezekiel 38 and 39, the ill-fated invasion attempt of Magog and its allies, notably Iran. With the growing tensions between Iran—as an ostensible nuclear power—and Israel, these passages are the subject of much current discussion and debate.

However, the conventional view still leaves a number of puzzling inconsistencies and contradictions.
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Prophecy Experts Expect Christian Rapture Soon!

The Bible declares Jesus Christ is coming to elope with His bride, the Christian Church. In a “twinkling of an eye”, without warning, millions of born again Christians are going to vanish. This imminent event could happen at any moment. How will the world function when myriads of its citizens suddenly disappear?

This week on the Prophecy Update Radio program, host Bill Salus interviews a panel of prophecy experts about the Rapture and other related end time’s topics. The panel consists of Terry James, Don McGee, and Daymond Duck. This prophecy panel takes an in-depth look at the Rapture event and evidences why the momentous event could occur immediately without delay.

Terry James is the author of 19 prophecy books and co-founder of Raptureready.com, the world’s most visited prophecy website. Daymond Duck, is the author of “the Book of Revelation, the Smart Guide to the Bible series”. Don McGee is the founder of Crown and Sickle Ministries.

All three of these individuals are internationally recognized for their end time’s expertise. This two part interview is riveting and informative.

upper (Picture of Bill, Terry, & Don Dallas Pre-Trib Rapture Conference)

lower (Picture of Bill & Daymond Christmas in Dallas at Pre-Trib Rapture conference)

Part two includes a panel discussion about the fallen angelic principalities that Christians deal with daily.

Listen Now to Part One

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2012 the Pagan & Prophetic Perspectives

2012 has become the apocalyptic focal point of many in mankind. Some predict the end time’s clock makes its final tick at midnight on December 31, 2012. Is there a biblical basis for such a belief? This week on Prophecy Update Radio, Bill Salus interviews Dr. Mark Hitchock about the Bible prophecies that could occur on or around 2012.

Powerful prophecies are stage setting and several may occur between now and 2012. Bill and Mark discuss what predicted events are presently on their radar screens. Dr. Hitchcock, the bestselling author of “2012 the Bible and the End of the World”, points out why 2012 can’t be the end of the world. However, he doesn’t discount the possibility that it could be a year filled with both pagan activities and prophetic fulfillments. This program FOREWARNS the listener that the end of the world is at hand and CHRIST is returning SOON!




This week on the Prophecy Update Radio program, Bill Salus interviews end time’s economic expert Jerry Robinson. Jerry is the author of the bestselling book “Bankruptcy of our Nation”. Bill and Jerry discuss the final fate of the current financial fiasco.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing is printing money for the Federal Reserve faster than Bounty is spinning toilet tissue off its assembly lines. Hyper-inflation could be the inevitable consequence. Jerry Robinson reminds the listeners that American oil is underneath Arab soil and war in the Middle East could catalyze America’s economic collapse. Robinson predicts the monetary reign of the Petro-Dollar could be concluding soon!

Is America destined lead the world out of this economic whirlwind, or will apocalyptic Mideast events send world markets into an econo-calyptic tailspin? Will America’s econo-calypse provoke the final formation of the ONE WORLD BANKING SYSTEM, NEW WORLD ORDER, and coming ONE WORLD LEADER?



Jewzekiel 37 is Jewish; Make No Bones About It!

By Bill Salus

In the 1950’s Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion stated “Ezekiel 37 has been fulfilled, and the nation Israel is hearing the footsteps of the Messiah.” A similar acknowledgement was recently echoed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this past January, 2010 during his Auschwitz speech. Both Prime Ministers insinuated that Ezekiel’s prophetic “Dry Bones Vision” had found fulfillment in the holocaust and subsequent restoration of the Jewish State.

Coincidence or providence, what prompted these last day’s Israeli leaders to stake exclusive claim of the Ezekiel 37 prophecies? Do they have the G-d given right to make such bold declarations?
Click here to read entire article now


The Prophetic Implications of Current Mideast Events

There is a brand new boldness developing in the Middle East. A.B.C. News / International reports, Missiles are on the Menu, alluding to the 2/26/2010 Damascus meeting between Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Syrian President Bashar Assad, and Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah.

With war pacts already in hand, these three Muslim leaders flex their Middle East muscles in an undeniable display of political and military unity. Meanwhile, millions of gas masks are about to be distributed throughout the Jewish State. It is a somber day for Israelis as they stand on the sidelines fearing these leaders plot to “wipe Israel off of the map!”

Is 'Pandora's Box" about to open unleashing a flurry of Bible prophecies? If so, how might they play out on the world scene? Click here to find out what's on my prophetic radar screen presently.



Our Father in Heaven - Thy Messianic Kingdom Come!

This week on Prophecy Update Radio host Bill Salus interviews Dr. Chuck Missler the founder of Koinonia House.

Bill begins the program by informing Dr. Missler of his instrumental role in Bill’s salvation. Then the interview quickly segues into a variety of important topics like, America's destiny, Iran's nuclear aspirations, and the significance of the Lord's Prayer in these last days. Chuck suggests there is a deeper meaning behind the words, “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done”.

Additionally Dr. Missler discusses the Church of China’s kingdom perspective in contrast to that of many American Christians. He believes far too many western Christians have reduced the role of salvation to a simple “get out of hell free” card. This concerns him deeply because he anticipates a time of “huge darkness” coming that could traumatize many unsuspecting Christians. (Picture of Bill and Chuck / Christmas in Dallas)

Furthermore, Bill and Chuck discuss the possibility of America being struck by an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) attack. Chuck says the Department of Homeland Security considers this a credible threat. Is America headed for a fall? Is the Middle East about to explode into wars of epic biblical proportion?

Listen now to PART ONE Listen now to PART TWO


Prophet Predicts Israel to bury Iranians & burn Iranium!

Two Part article by Bill Salus

The nuclear clock still ticks on Iranian President AHMADINEJAD'S APOCALYPTIC WATCH. On February 11, 2010 he informed the International Community that his country has achieved the ability to make their first batch of 20% enriched uranium; a milestone accomplishment for a nation seeking nuclear statehood.

Part one of these articles discussed the implausibility of present political options preventing Iran from becoming a nuclear state and briefly alluded to an ancient prophetic prediction regarding the fate of Iran’s nuclear future. Furthermore, the reading of a related World Net Daily article called the Bible predicts: Israel to nab Russian, Iranian nukes was encouraged. Part two of this piece picks up at the point of Iran’s predicted future.

Click Here to read Part One Click Here to read Part Two


Ezekiel's Birds Gather for Gog of Magog Meal!

This week on Prophecy Update Radio, host Bill Salus interviews end times expert and evangelist, Gary Fisher. Gary is the founder of Lion of Judah Ministries and has discovered some interesting insights in the book of Ezekiel. Gary recently visited Israel and says he witnessed firsthand, the gathering of the birds described in Ezekiel 39:17-20.

Ezekiel predicted 2500 years ago that Russia and Iran would lead a 9 member strong confederacy into the Holy Land to invade Israel. Iran has just become a "nuclear state" and Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has publicly declared his intentions to wipe Israel off of the map.

This coupled with ever strengthening Russian and Iranian national relations has eschatologists thinking this invasion will soon occur. These invaders will be divinely destroyed and the Ezekiel birds will partake in what the prophet declares will be a “sacrificial meal”.

In this timely interview, Bill and Gary sort through and properly align the prophecies described in Ezekiel’s chapters 36-39. Convincingly, they illustrate that the stage is clearly set for MIDEAST EVENTS TO ERUPT EXTREMELY SOON!

Listen Now to this insightful interview


Caught up in the Pre-Trib Rapture

This week the Rapture of the Christian Church, along with several other important prophetic topics are discussed on Prophecy Update Radio. Bill’s guest is the up and coming eschatologist Nathan Jones of Lamb & Lion ministries. Lamb and Lion is the ministry founded by end time’s expert Dr. David Reagan. (Pic left to right Nathan Jones, Dr. David Reagan, Bill Salus)


Nathan Jones is the one responsible for answering the multitude of prophecy questions that stream in to Dr. Reagan on a frequent daily basis at lamblion.com. Nathan has written numerous articles about Bible prophecy and is considered an expert on the Pre-Trib Rapture.

In this two part interview you will find out what the Rapture is, where it is located in scripture, and why it occurs before the dreaded Seven year “Tribulation Period” commences.

Additionally, Bill applauds Nathan for his recent video production about the Rapture Jesus Came. What’s next?

Click here to hear this 2 part interview

Watch Nathan Jones Rapture Video in two parts below.


Great Earthquakes are an End Time's Sign!

by Bill Salus

About 2000 years ago Jesus warned that just prior to his return the world would undergo a period of cataclysmic contractions that he likened to the birth pains of a woman.
In essence Christ declared that the last days would be characterized by powerful prophetic events that hit humanity with increased frequency and increased intensity, just like the birth contractions before a baby is born.
Earthquakes in various places are occuring at an alarming rate. Could this mean that Christ will return in this 21st Century?


Who seals the 144,000 Jews for Jesus?

by Bill Salus

Rapture Ready recently posted an excellent article entitled, The Rapture and the Timing of the Two Witnesses by Paul K. (click link to read entire article). I agree with most everything written in this article by the author. I think he did a spectacular job pinpointing the timing of the two witnesses of Revelation 11. However, I would take minor issue with his specific comment highlighted in red below.

"However, with the Pre-Trib Rapture happening, billions of people will suddenly have no one to tell them about Jesus. The Christians will all be gone. However, with the time of the Two Witnesses’ ministry beginning on Day 1 of the Trib, people will be hearing about Jesus despite the disappearance of Christians in the Rapture. I believe it is the ministry of the Two Witnesses that brings to faith the 144,000 male Jews of Revelation 7:1-8. These Jewish men finally believe in Jesus, and realize that the time is short, and while the Two Witnesses minister to Israel, the 144,000 spread out over all the Gentile nations to share Jesus Christ. Someone has compared it to 144,000 Billy Graham’s let loose on the world at once!"

This comment implies that the Rapture is the trigger point of the 7 year Tribulation period. It could correlate with that time frame; however, it is the confirmation of the false covenant crafted by the Antichrist that is commonly understood to be the trigger point of the Tribulation clock.

Furthermore we are told in Revelation 7 that an angel seems to participate in the gospel enlightenment of the 144,000 Jews for Jesus. (click link) to read my article, The Message of the 144,000 future Jews for Jesus

Then I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal (sphragis) (1) of the living God. And he cried with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was granted to harm the earth and the sea, saying, “Do not harm the earth, the sea, or the trees till we have sealed (sphragizo) (2) the (144,000) servants of our God on their foreheads.” (Rev. 7:2-3)

The Greek words for seal and sealed, strongly suggest that this specific angel plays an active part in the sealing process of the 144,000 witnesses.

We are also told in Rev. 14:4 “These (144,000) were redeemed from among men, being firstfruits to God and to the Lamb.” If the Rev. 11 two witnesses come before the sealing of the 144,000 future Jews for Jesus, then they could be considered the firstfruits of the Post-Rapture period.

I suggest the possibility that the evangelical ministry of the 144,000 commences promptly after the Rapture, but prior to the commencement point of the 7 year Tribulation period.
(1) sphragis; a prim. word; a seal, a signet:—seal, seals.
(2) sphragizoĆ“; from sphragis; to seal:—put...seal on, seal, sealed,
set a seal on, set...seal to.


Is Psalm 83 a Great Tribulation event?

By Bill Salus

The Fruchtenbaum / Salus Dialogue

JUST POSTED PART TWO. Bill considers this a must here radio interview if your are interested in understanding end time's Bible prophecy.

Recently I had the opportunity to interview the highly regarded prophecy expert, Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum, (pictured here) for Prophecy Update Radio. This important two-part interview is now available for listening. We talked about:

1. The importance of the Jewish people and the nation of Israel in God’s prophetic plan.

2. How the unconditional Abrahamic Covenant still remains effectually intact.

3. The scriptures predicting the coming third Jewish Temple.

4. The timing of the Ezekiel 38 Russian – Iranian led invasion of Israel.

5. The only way scripture allows for Iran to wipe Israel off of the map.

These and many more important topics are discussed in this timely Prophecy Update Radio interview. Lastly, and of particular interest was our discussion centered upon the timing of Psalm 83. Many of you interested in the timing of this unfulfilled prophetic Psalm will find his comments fascinating. I encourage you to read the article I wrote first and then listen to the radio interview subsequently.

Click here to read article and hear radio interview now...


Who will be Worhiping at the Coming Temple?

By Bill Salus

Then I was given a reed like a measuring rod. And the angel stood, saying, “Rise and measure the temple of God, the altar, and those who worship there. But leave out the court which is outside the temple, and do not measure it, for it has been given to the Gentiles.”
(Revelations 11:1-2; NKJV)

Many believe that the reference above to "those who worship there" alludes to Jews, Christians, and Muslims, all with their differing forms of worship (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam). Most commentators agree that these Revelation 11 passages allude to the future existence of a Third Jewish Temple and its compound.
However, in light of the Pre-Trib Rapture of the Christian Church and soon coming prophetic Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38 Middle East wars, this seems hardly logical. What will really be going on at the time the Third Jewish Temple is constructed and operational, and who will be assembling there to worship? (Click here to read the entire article)



Tom Horn, author of Amazon best seller "Apollyon Rising 2012, comments on the 11/6/2009 Vatican hosted astrobiology conference and exposes their confidential "PANSPERMIA PROJECT" called the "JESUS SEED" in this third and final PROPHECY UPDATE RADIO SHOW.



Is the Vatican about to issue "FULL DISCLOSURE" about the Extra Terrestrial life co-existing with humanity in the universe? Was mankind created by God or seeded by higher beings?