Jeremiah to today's Israel: No 2-state solution!

Exclusive: Bill Salus unpacks prophecies warning Jewish state about evil neighbors


Posted: June 26, 20091:00 am Eastern
By Bill Salus© 2009

Presently, there is an unprecedented push for peace in the Mideast. President Obama, Pope Benedict XVI, along with a significant host of other powerful world leaders, clamor once and for all for a two-state solution. They have heightened concern that the writing is on the 403-mile wall currently protecting Israeli's from Palestinian terror that a Middle East war is imminent.

As the clock rapidly ticks toward what will likely be the prophetic Psalm 83 showdown, Israel circles the wagons in preparation for a multi-front confederate conflict with its ancient enemies, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu loosens his grip from the thorny Obama olive branch of "Engagement."

Currently, the international prescription for two states comprised of Jews and Palestinians living autonomously and peacefully side by side requires Israel to destroy outposts, freeze settlements, forfeit land acquired after 1967, divide Jerusalem and allow Palestinian refugees to homestead the Holy Land. Read entire article now


IRAN vs ISRAEL - Is it time for Ezekiel 38 & 39?

Will the election protests in Iran evolve into a regime change or is re-elected Iranian president Mahmoud Ahma-genocide preparing to lock arms with Russia, Turkey, Libya and the other members of Ezekiel 38 & 39 to invade Israel? Many eschatologists believe that the time is near for the fulfillment of this Gog of Magog prophecy. This week on the PROPHECY UPDATE RADIO PROGRAM host Bill Salus interviews Dr. Ron Rhodes, a foremost expert on the topic of the Ezekiel invasion, about the prophetic implications of current events occurring in Iran.



In part one of this fascinating two-part interview Dr. Rhodes warns Americans about the adverse affects a conflict between Israel and Iran could have upon the United States. Additionally, this interview informs the listener of the most significant details of the ancient Ezekiel prophecy and how the stage is rapidly setting for it’s final fulfillment! Dr. Ron Rhodes has a doctoral degree in theology from Dallas Theological Seminary and is the author of the recently released best-selling book entitled Northern Storm Rising, which discusses all the details of the Ezekiel 38 & 39 invasion of Israel by the Russian and Iranian led confederacy.


Bill Salus on Jewish Voice T.V.

Featuring ISRALESTINE & the Psalm 83 Arab - Israeli War Prophecy.

Does President Barack Obama’s Mideast foreign policy of “Engagment” further isolate Israel from the rest of the world? His infamous June 4, 2009 Rodney King style of “can’t we all just get along” Cairo speech, seems to have made it incumbent upon Israel to refrain from strategically striking Iran’s nuclear sites until he has had a chance to blow some political smoke up some Islamic skirts.

Barack Hussein Obama believes that he can reach out beyond the religious realms in a diplo-charis-matic way to resolve the age old Middle East conflict. However, time is not on the president’s side, as the Jewish State has finally come to a TURNING POINT! While Obama was quoting from the Koran in Cairo, the Jews were winding down the largest emergency civil defense drill in their nations history.

Israel is preparing for a multi-front war with the Hezbollah, Hamas, and Syria. Five days worth of Sirens sounding throughout the holy land warned Israeli’s that they had three minutes to seek shelter in their nearest bomb shelter.
How far can you run in 180 seconds?
What is about to happen next in the Middle East? Has the time arrived for the Psalm 83 Arab – Israeli War to commence?

WATCH NOW - as Bill Salus and Jonathan Bernis of Jewish Voice TV, discuss the prophetic implications of current Mideast events.


Is the Christian Church FALLING AWAY?

The Bible declares the last days Church will push Christ outside its door. Furthermore, it foretells of a time that Christians will heap up false teachers to tickle their fancy by whisperings sweet social nothings into their ears. Is this happening within Christianity today? Has the extra-ordinary Savior become just another ordinary stranger positioned outside the Church's comfortable confines?

This week on the Prophecy Update Radio program, host Bill Salus visits with world respected prophecy expert-ress Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries and asks her to address the difficult topic of last day’s Christian deception. Jan is the host of the popular “Understanding the Times” radio show and is highly respected for her knowledge of end time’s Bible Prophecy.

In this interview Bill and Jan discuss the problems with Kingdom Now Theology, Preterism, Replacement Theology, and the dangers of the Emergent Church. They also address the reasons why many of today’s churches are purposely refraining from teaching end time’s Bible prophecy. LISTEN NOW