17th Annual Pre-Trib Conference in Dallas

It was a great time had by all at this years 17th Annual Pre-Trib Study Group Conference in Dallas, December 2008.

Top Right: Joel Rosenberg and Bill visit after the main banquet.
Top Left: Chuck Missler and Bill discuss Bill's book Isralestine, The Ancient Blueprints of the Future Middle East.

Left: Dr. David Reagan, Bill, and Joseph Chambers discuss Bible Prophecy in the Lobby

Below: White House Correspondent and Bible Prophecy expert Bill Koenig and Bill Exchange books, Eye to Eye for Isralestine.

Left: Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum gets a little bit country after his KWBB 105,5 LPFM radio interview with Bill

Above: Terry James, co-founder of Raptureready.com, and best - selling author of 19 Bible Prophecy books grabs Don McGee and Bill for some fine Dallas dining. Lower Left: Wilfred Hahn financial prophecy expert and Bill get ready for a KWBB radio interview. Lower Right: Wilfred Hahn, Joseph Chambers, and Phil Goodman visit in the lobby.

Below Left: Don Perkins of According 2 Prophecy Ministries visits after his KWBB radio interview with Bill. Below Right: posing for photos after airing the Christ in Prophecy television program hosted by Dr. David Reagan.

Below: Arch Bonemma shares of his recent archaelogical expedition to Iran, where they may have found Noah's Ark artifacts. Lower: Daymond Duck and Bill in the Christmas spirit.
Below Left: Bill finally meets his friend and respected military expert, Don Mercer.
Lower: Bill Says so long to Mike Hile, his cousin Debbie, and his newest friend Tommy.